Dal 1968, luce e aria…

Luce e Aria. Naturalmente: three words that perfectly summarize the mission of the Basso company, a company that has managed to cross the boundaries of the simple system manufacturer, to propose itself as a specialized consultant and therefore able to offer innovative solutions and services for the best management of light and natural air indoors.

Basso has been working in this direction for more than 40 years, studying, designing and manufacturing specific ventilation systems and skylights for industrial and commercial buildings.

Our Vision

Bringing Light and Air into the workplace to ensure our customers a better quality of life.

Our Mission

Create solutions for ventilation and natural lighting by providing unique and innovative systems that, in addition to improving the quality of life, also offer a benefit in terms of aesthetics and technology.

The offices

For a better customer service, our offices are divided into 5 dedicated areas:

  • Commercial office
  • Customer Service Office
  • Technical office
  • Research and development office
  • Administrative office

Each area, connected to each other within a single structure, interacts directly with the production department, providing a timely and monitored service in every single step.

The Showroom

An exhibition space entirely dedicated to light, air and smoke products.

Specifically designed to investigate, try and test, together with our customers, the technical and aesthetic characteristics of our range.


The production department is spread over a single surface of 5000 square meters, divided into 5 specialized departments:

  • Sheet metal processing and bases
  • Aluminum processing
  • Assembly
  • Plastic material molding
  • Warehouse for plastics and ferrous materials

The entire production area is directly connected to the technical and commercial office,
creating a dynamic operational flow that is always monitored in every single phase.